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Exploring quotes for war and life.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War is a well known short read. It was popular in the western business world in the ’90s. Entrepreneurs and coaches alike swarmed to it for inspiration on how to ‘win’ at business. Whether treating your business ventures like warfare is useful is for others to decide and not relevant to this piece.

I enjoy finding different ways to discuss psychological ideas. We all connect with different things in life. For some, metaphors and quotes can help them absorb, remember and understand concepts.

I have picked out a few quotes from the Art of War which…

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And how schema therapy can help you resolve it.

Schema therapy developed from cognitive-based therapies to better treat personality disorders. The goal is to identify and change negative schema a person holds so they can function better in society.

Personality disorders are enduring personality traits. They develop in youth and cause significant stress and impairment to the individual. These disorders express themselves in interpersonal relationships.

Personality disorders can often be difficult to treat by other cognitive therapies. The reasons vary depending on the personality disorder but stem from non-participation.

This has caused the development of specific treatment plans. …

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And how you can use it for self-care.

I am a big believer in trying different therapeutic approaches to find one that fits your needs. If one approach hasn’t worked for you in the past, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. Often it’s the wrong approach or the wrong therapist for your needs.

This is a major problem in the self-help community as ideas are often said to be ‘the thing you should be doing.’ Often it is what has worked for the author but doesn’t mean it will work for you.

In this piece, I wish to discuss Art therapy as an alternative…

Exploring the inner systems that move us between positive and negative periods in our lives.

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When I reflect on my life, I realise there is a simple pattern. There is a constant cycle between positive and negative periods in life. An ebb and flow which persists for periods of time, rather than single moments.

It’s easy to say this is simply the pattern of life. That good times come around and the bad times fade. That we just need to wait and persist through the bad times and a positive change will inevitably come. But this idea lends itself to determinism, that we are just subject to fate and have little influence over our lives.

I had woken up for the 6th, maybe 7th time that night. That wasn’t a problem though, it was necessary and I was thankful rather than frustrated. I immediately turned the car on and the interior light. At the same time, I was checking my hands and making sure my fingers were moving normally.

As I checked my body, I realised my feet were numb and I couldn’t move my toes. A moment of panic washed over me as I ripped off the blankets and random assortments of clothing I had wrapped myself in.

My feet were completely numb, no…

In a previous post, I discussed the evolution of depression and its relevance to us. In it, I briefly mentioned metacognitive therapy. I suggested that stopping destructive rumination cycles was effective in helping to get out of depression.

I want to break this down further and provide a better understanding of metacognitive therapy. More importantly, I want to provide some techniques based on the metacognitive approach that anyone can use. These can be used for a wide range of problems but seem to be very effective around anxiety disorders and depression.

The first step is to understand what metacognitive therapy…

Psychological disorders such as depression have always been a difficult area for evolutionary psychology. Many disorders are incredibly detrimental to the survival of the individual, as well as their ability to reproduce. This is the opposite of what evolution is driven by.

So we have to ask what the reason for these traits to persist is. Most mutations in evolution tend to have a cost benefit balance, where the benefit outweighs the cost and that is why it persists.

There are three main ways that a seemingly negative trait will persist. The first is that there are hidden benefits to…

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